Sunday, December 11, 2016

TD Garden Ticket Sales!

Hello Hoop Club Families!

Tis the season where we are all too busy to reinvent the wheel, but there are 400+ Garden tickets to sell!

Good sources of ticket buyers include:
-Friends and family
-CYO families, especially if any of the players coach a CYO team
-MW families, again especially if any of the players coach a MW team
-Parents’ book club members (or any other email distribution list containing your parents friends)
-The Linden Store patrons
-Roche Bros patrons
-Families with children you babysit

GREAT GIFT IDEAS - Garden tickets make great Hanukah and Christmas gifts (I.e., good stocking stuffers).

DONATIONS – If people do not want to purchase tickets, encourage them to support the Hoops Club by making a donation either in cash or check (payable to WHS HOOPS CLUB) or in ticket donations (we will donate the tickets to those who otherwise might not be able to attend). Send them to this website!

FORM OF PAYMENT –  Online via credit card at the TD Garden Invitational Games Tab or by check, payable to “WHS Hoop Club.”

TICKET SALES PROCEEDS – All ticket sales proceeds are due on or before Friday, DECEMBER 16TH, to Boys Varsity Captains Max, Will, Jack or to Girls Varsity Captains Kelcie, Leo, or Dorian.

NEED MORE TICKETS?  Contact any of the Varsity Captains! 

ANY QUESTIONS?  Email the Hoop Club or ask a Captain

Many, many thanks for all of your efforts and support!

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